U.S. Military Cutting Medevac Flights for Troops in West Africa

WASHINGTON — The United States military is aggressively diminishing its catastrophe casualty evacuation services at West Africa, increasing concerns that American troops missions that there might be left exposed when they run in to difficulty in some period when violence is sinking in this corner of this continent.

U.S. Military Cutting Medevac Flights

U.S. Military Cutting Medevac Flights for Troops in West Africa

The activity by the Pentagon’s Africa Control comes briefly after U.S. military consultants followed forces at Niger a month on a important counter terrorism performance near Diffa, a little town on the boundary with Nigeria that’s been a popular location for strikes by the militant group BokoHaram.

This had been initially American forces from Niger had united a combat mission in their regional counter parts since 20 17, when U.S. commanders enforced strict rules on earth forces.

At issue today is that the military’s decision to offset a $ 2-3 million annual contract using Erickson, an aviation services company that hastens logistics and casualty airline flights to Army Green Berets that were advising and training Nigerien troops for a couple of years at Arlit, a remote city in northern Niger in Military Time. The Nigerien troops are running surgeries to intercept terrorists since they stream in and outside of Libya.

But that assignment has faded. Even the Green Beretsmembers of this 20th Special Forces Group out of Alabama, are moving a few 500 miles south of Arlit to conduct a higher-priority assignment to help face a noxious mixture of Islamic Condition and Al Qaeda fighters at the tri-border region of Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger. The Africa Control claims it has enough med-evac service for this area with no further needs Erickson’s 2 Bell 214ST helicopters.

However, some lawmakers and military officials concern the duty of tackling any casualty airline flights would fall to a single H225 Super Puma helicopter controlled in Niamey, Niger’s capital, by the other builder, Berry Aviation. Erickson and Berry back up if their aircraft can’t fly to get mechanical or different explanations.

Battle field commanders have clarified medical aid to troops on the earth being a moral responsibility. Even the Defense Department in war zones such as Afghanistan and Iraq have followed that a”golden hour standard,” by the military attempts to whisk injured American troops by the battle inside one hour to be injured to let them have access to higher level maintenance and the very best chance to save their lifestyles.


The dearth of timely assistance called in to consideration whether the military offers enough funds for troops job dangerous assignments in Africa. The big, distant moves in that American Special Forces operate are inherently dangerous due to the inaccessibility and therefore are conducive to both ambushes.

Col. Christopher P. Karns, the primary spokesman for its Africa Control, that is situated in Stuttgart, Germany, stated that the Erickson contract wasn’t being renewed since the soldiers Erickson encouraged were repositioned.

“Medical capacity is present where they’re moving, thus we assess no higher risk to your forces,” Colonel Karns said in reaction to questions from The New York Times. “Present resources may satisfy the requirements of re-positioned drives.

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