KUCCPS Student portal information

The Kenya Faculties and Faculties Central Placement Service has started student portal site for instant revision to empower KCSE 20-19 applicants who didn’t secure their favorite classes to update their own decisions.

How to Apply AICTE ELIS Portal

KUCCPS Student portal

Students not having been set could perform their next revision launching Thursday, April 2, 20 20 and the deadline to get next revision will be about Wednesday, April 1-5, 2020.

KUCCPS Student portal information

All you have to do is log to your student portal site accounts and discover out if you’ve got to go for next revision.

The way to understand if you’ve procured a KUCCPS class
To learn if you’ve procured a class using KUCCPS Sign into for a pupil portal and You’ll see that the message’You’ve got provisionally bonded one your options subject to consent by the Placement Service Board’ as shown below;

KUCCPS Second Re Vision 20 20

The way to if you didn’t procure a class together with KUCCPS;
Similarly, to learn if you’ve procured a class together with KUCCPS, Sign into for a pupil portal site and You’ll see that the message ‘kindly revice your options’ as shown below;

KUCCPS srcond Re-vision 20 20

The best way to use for KUCCPS 2nd revision 20 20


3. View the open programmes along with also their requirements by simply clicking on the Programmes tab at the portal site. You might even seek out classes by institution, utilizing the Institutions tab.

DIKSHA Portal and Application 2020

4. Since you choose the programs, you might proceed those which interest you in to the Course Basket. This will let you assist a briefer list when preparing your ultimate collection of classes to use.


6. Once you’ve entered and confirmed that your choices select submit. Don’t make any payment, then utilize the original m pesa code which has been used throughout centre/school application or early revision.

Its objectives will be to help students handle distant instruction, stay connected to classmates, and decrease any worries or anxieties regarding the coronavirus.

Students produce a profile if logging in to the portal site, where they are going to place their targets and have a questionnaire to help customize the ability regarding every specific student’s demands.

The 3 columns have different targets. “Succeed” info professors, career targets, success, professional development and direction. “Thrive” revolves around helping students along with their physical, psychological and mental wellbeing, also aids students with matters like sleep, stress control, nutrition, sexuality and fitness. “Issue” centers on helping students stay engaged in nightclubs, associations, devoting and making new friends.

Even though it was established on account of the coronavirus pandemic, Penn State intends to maintain growing and upgrading the portal site during the upcoming year.

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