DIKSHA Portal and Application 2020

Research Home through DIKSHA gateway site – following the disperse of COVID-19 pendamic, a federal lock down was announced by the Honb. Prime Minister of India, who’s asked all of the taxpayers to collaborate and stay athome to suppress the spread of Coronavirus.

The intention of the initiative would be to aid teachers and also the students to carry on their own studies rather standard, but through different manner.

Government has published a set of varied elearning portal sites to its first, secondary, senior secondary, grad and post-secondary degree aspirants.

DIKSHA Portal and Application

DIKSHA portal site is a step in ensuring holistic education for both students and teachers. The electronic learning program is guided to get and also created a detailed learning environment where both the coach and student might grow.

What Exactly Is DIKSHA Portal?

DIKSHA is really a customizable platform that’s presently being used by educators (from the government and private associations ) round the world for several of your standards that will aid the students learn a few theories.


The portal site is currently obtainable in several languages such as simple understandability of this user.

For Teachers —

The portal site empowers the instructors know their livelihood interval.

By the time that they connect the faculty with their own retirement they are able to map out their career development and may work in their skills so.

Teachers may also be equipped to donate to the present learning content, and share their accomplishments and have use of authenticate work of additional educators too.

Benefits —

Teachers who combine classes run as of this portal site should be in a position to cultivate at a orderly way. They’ll get awards and badges on conclusion that’ll prove good for your own professional improvement.

Motto – The DIKSHA platform reinforces the hands ‘Our Teachers Our’ Heroes’.

Top features of DIKSHA Portal

Here are some important characteristics of DIKSHA portal site You Have to Remember before getting it:


DIKSHA portal site can be obtained later on scanning the qr-code offered inside their own NCERT novels. Once scanning the qr-code, the portal site should produce hints and topics you wish to examine.


The portal site is currently available in the English and Hindi terminology. You are able to pick any terminology depending upon your own relaxation and advantage.


The portal site could ask for the place where you belong. By way of instance, you choose Delhi alternatively, it could likewise request that you choose’sub-location’ way by which area of Delhi you live.

Thus, it is going to reveal to you the classes which are happening in this region from that you may pick the desirable course in accordance with your set of skills.

Class According

DIKSHA portal site wants a consumer to pick the class whose analysis material needs to be obtained. Click the conventional whose analysis stuff you would like to get and input SUBMIT button.

DIKSHA portal site is a sophisticated platform that’s readily available for your own android and i-OS users too.

The mobile program is readily available for not only teachers but also for your parents and students. The program is filled with engaging learning material that is suitable for the desires of accredited school program.

How Teachers can benefit?

DIKSHA program is filled with lesson plans, activities and worksheets, to make pleasurable class room adventures.

How Pupils will benefit?

Students using DIKSHA program should have the ability to comprehend theories in easy and interactive method. You can find features whereby course might be revised. The program also eases the students to examine their learning via self-assessment clinic exercises.

How Children will benefit?

Parents using DIKSHA program inside their phones may follow class room tasks and also clear doubts beyond school hours. It’s a complete platform for hassle free free discussion of all of the stakeholders involved.

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